Welcome to D and the Guy

Welcome to my first attempt at the diabetes blogsphere. While I have been participating in a number of local and global diabetes communities, I feel that the more formal structure of a place like this will allow me to better share my learnings and experiences of living with D.

I was diagnosed as an adult and the story of my diagnosis is very similar to others. I had been presenting the usual symptoms for about 4 months, loosing weight, drinking litres of water at a time and going to the toilet a lot. Even with all that, for some reason I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me…  what an idiot!!!… Thanks god my wife pushed me enough to go to the doctor and BOOM!, there I was, a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic.

I realize now that at the time I didn’t know anything about D, and that I probably behaved the same way to many of those whose attitudes I hate today. I didn’t know much, but thanks to the help of others who also live with D I am probably healthier know that I have ever been.

Hopefully this space will allow me to pay back some of the support that I’ve received over the last couple of years. I hope to help those who, like me, landed one day in the home of D without knowing what this whole new world was about.

Stay tuned, and feel free to keep in touch




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