Visit to the dietitian

On Wednesday I paid a visit to the dietitian. As part of the process to go on a pump, I needed to “learn” how to carb count. I’ve been counting my carbs for a while, but considering that this was a mandatory step in the process, I decided to embrace it and make the most of it.


I had my appointment at lunchtime which was very convenient, as I didn’t have to take time off work (editors note: shouldn’t everyone providing services in this industry offer this?). We had a very nice chat about my diet for about 20 minutes, as she asked me to name absolutely everything that I eat regularly.

I didn’t see the point at the beginning, specially since after I was done she said that “we are not going to concentrate on whether your diet is good or bad”. She then said the the purpose of meeting me that day was to ensure that I understood the differences between the approached pre and post pump.

She helped me understand the subtleties of carb counting on the pump, and gave me a few pointers on how to find nutritional information for different food. I should probably point here that I didn’t get much value here, as I’m yet to see anything better than Calorie King. She also gave me a few tips and tricks that may come handy, in terms of GI and weighting foods.

Overall, the session was unexpectedly productive, and helped me realize that we can always refine our carb counting skills. I have another follow up session the day after my pump start, and I’m now looking forward to get as much from that one as I did this time.



2 Responses to Visit to the dietitian

  1. Sue says:

    Henry, I’ve got a program on my iPhone which is useful for carb counting… most of the time, but especially when I’m out. The Animas 2020 has a carb database but am not sure how much of is it also USA based, which isn’t helpful for some things. I need to enter my own for foods I regularly eat.

    What do you do when you’re out?

    Are you bolusing for a % of protein and fat too?

    • Henry says:

      Hi Sue,

      I often use Calorie King for carb counting. I also use it from the iphone when I’m on the go, and it’s good because it has all the local stuff.

      Good luck with your pump… and stay in touch.


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