My first set change

Today I changed my infusion site for the first time. Well, really the second time, but the first without the incredible assistance of my diabetes educator.

For most pumpers, changing infusion sites is a regular and simple process that does not attract a lot of attention. But for me, this particular change felt much more important and I was much more nervous than many of my fellow pumpers.

So I decided to follow the process exactly how I learned at my pump start, and took all my supplies and placed them in a table.


In my case, supplies include a Paradigm reservoir for my Medtronic Minimed 522, a Quickset infusion set, automatic insertion device, vial of insulin (in my case Novorapid / Novolog) and an alcohol swab.

I proceeded to to load the reservoir with insulin and attached it to the infusion set. inserted the set into the rewinded pump and and loaded the set it into the Quickserter. I then cleaned a bit of my belly skin with the alcohol swab to eliminate some grease and kill any nasties. Finally placed the inserter against the spot and fired.

After all, the process was simple and completely painless. I’ve never complained too much about the (at least) 4 injections a day I used to have before the pump, but between shots and this, I’m much happier with this new routine.



One Response to My first set change

  1. FatCatAnna says:

    Glad to hear your first infusion set change went with no hiccups. When I was using the MM522 (did a test run for 3 months) – I was using the Sil set – and I found the inserter needle really NASTY looking. The first few times I changed it – I almost passed out – not from the pain – just seeing it go into my flesh. I’ve now gotten over that – and like you say – compared to 4 injections a day (I used to inject on average about 8) – changing the infusion set every 3 days (hope you are doing this) – is a breeze!!! I’m no pro yet – only been pumping since Nov 2007 – but getting better (I now own an Animas 2020).

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