Review: Thinset Reservoirs

Thinset reservoirA few of you may remember that a few days ago I ordered a few supplies to do a comparison between different infusion sites available.  Most of the infusion sets I ordered had a luer lock connector, so I needed to order a special reservoir as well. The reservoir is called Thinset reservoir, and is made in the USA by Applied Diabetes Research.

The Good

The biggest thing about this reservoir is it’s that it allows Minimed Paradigm users like me to use luer lock infusion sets. This effectively means that for the first time since the introduction of the Paradigm series of pumps, we have the flexibility of choosing any set available in the market today.

In addition to this, there are also a few features worth noting. In particular, the plunger has a stop at the end of it, which makes impossible to separate the reservoir spilling insulin all over the place. It also has clear markings in the barrel, so it is easy to read.

The Bad

While I really appreciate the freedom of choice that the Thinset reservoir gives me, it’s also fair to say that this reservoir is not perfect, specially when compared with the standard Paradigm reservoir.

The first thing that becomes obvious as soon as you take the reservoir out of the package is that it does not have the guard/vial holder that I like so much on the Paradigm reservoir. Instead, you get a syringe style needle that you need to insert in your vial and then hold manually. Probably not a big deal for those used to handle syringes, but for me (I always used pens before the pump) it feels like juggling and balancing at the same time.

The other thing that feels odd about this reservoir is it’s fit in the pump. Don’t get me wrong, it fits with incredible precision on the compartment, but the main issue is the bits that end up sticking out. The reservoir has two little wings at each side of the connector to twist the reservoir in place. This in conjunction with the actual luer lock connector make the whole setup a bit more bulkier than the simple elegant Paradigm connector.


Overall, this is a very good product because of the options it opens for all paradigm users, but for me, it’s use will be dependant on whether I choose to use a luer lock set going forward.



One Response to Review: Thinset Reservoirs

  1. Linda says:

    About 2 months ago, I started using the same reservoirs.
    You can pull the plunger completely off the end as I have been able to do it without trying very hard.
    There are markings on the side, but since they are clear like the rest of the barrel, I have a hard time seeing that I am getting the full 1.8ml I am supposed to be putting in there.
    There have been two times when I have gone to change my set and reservoir and had the two separate (probably came unscrewed).
    I was changing because my bgs were starting to climb up (probably because I was not getting the insulin because of the bad connection).
    I will continue to use them because I like the set I am currently using (Orbit90 by ICU Medical, but as soon as the Orbit 90 comes out with the propriety connection for the Paradigm, I am going to be switching over.

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