Review: Inset II infusion set

Inset-IIToday I’m concluding my 6 day test drive of the Inset II infusion set (also known as Inset in some markets). It’s been an interesting experience, specially considering that is the first non-Medtronic set that I try in my Minimed Paradigm 522.

These infusion set is manufactured by Unomedical, but is also marketed by Animas. It is available in three colors here in Australia (Blue, Pink and Grey) although a fourth color seems to be available in the USA.

The Good

For me, the biggest positive of this set was the integrated inserter. In the past, I’ve had some issues with infusion sets getting stuck to the reusable inserter. By using an integrated, single use inserter, I’m sure to get a perfectly placed, always working set.

The set is small and compact and easy to keep around, specially good if you want to carry in your bag. It was also good to see that once you have completed the insertion, you only need to put the cap back on and throw in the garbage bin. No need for a sharps container as the needle stays enclosed, great specially if you need to do an emergency change on the road.

The Bad

There are a number of things that I didn’t quite like about this set.  Having a single use inserter means that the quality and feel of the device is not as good as some of the reusable ones. In particular, the Inset does not use a spring to shoot the needle in but instead, it creates tension by twisting some of the plastic. This also means that the insertion is not as precise as it should, which ultimately increases the risk of a painful insertion.

I also didn’t like the connector on the set. Instead of the twist off motion on other sets, the Inset uses a straight pug, which I found hard to connect and disconnect.

The adhesive is a bit smaller than some of the other sets, and seemed to be more affected by water from the shower. That said, it lasted the full 3 days without any issue. This, however, may be more of a problem for those who wear their sets for longer.


While so far I really like these set, I will probably not continue using them in the long run. For much that I like the concept of an integrated single use inserter I really value the precision on the insertion movement.

I have, however, decided to keep a couple of these sets in each of my emergency kits, as they would come handy in case I need to change my set while away from home.



11 Responses to Review: Inset II infusion set

  1. Cherise says:

    I am learning a lot about traditional pumps from reading your blog

  2. Valerie says:

    I’ve been using the Insets for the past five years and love them. I used Minimed’s QuickSets for the first year, along with the blue “mushroom-shaped” inserter device. I had more failures with the Quicksets due to them sticking in the inserter device. I didn’t notice any difference in insertion pain between the two.

    I routinely wear my sets up to five days and have never used any pre-wipes or extra tape. Sites stick well (especially arm sites for some reason; I really have to tug them off!) and I like the audible click I get when I reconnect after showering.

    Oh yeah, the green ones are my favorite!

  3. FatCatAnna says:

    Bonjour Henry (or should I say Henri ). I use the Inset II – mainly because of the ease of getting into areas of my body that I can’t reach (I find these handy for my back area). My hubby does the job of putting them in (scary at first – but I’m getting the hang of someone else doing it).
    I recycle the

  4. FatCatAnna says:

    Oops – phone rang – and my fingers hit a key that sent my incomplete dribbles to you – and I can’t delete my entry. So continuing on here … I recycle the whole apparatus as it’s accepted here in our recycle program – I pull out the inserter needle – and place it in my sharps container. This is my only issue with the Inset II is the waste – but at least it can be recycled.

  5. kavman47 says:

    I’ve been using the Inset since switching to the Animas Ping about 3 weeks ago. The only thing I can compare the Insets to are the Cleo 90 single use insertion sets I used with my Deltec Cozmo.

    The Insets are FAR superior. They are much “stickier” (sometimes I really have to work to remove one). It is much easier to remove the line from the insertion point (I can do it one handed). With the Cleo 90 this was a tricky process that required two hands and careful placement of a fingernail in just the right spot to pull the line away from the canula.

    Finally, probably due to the thinner and longer canula used by the Inset, I’ve had NO instances of pain or tenderness when doing a site change.


  6. Sue says:

    I’ve been told by the Animas rep that the needle from the inserter is still considered to be a ‘sharp’, so clip that off and put in a sharps bin and then the rest can go into the garbage. Check with.. is it Spike? on RC, who works for a recycling company. I’d love to know. I use the Inset II and love it.

    • Henry says:

      Hi Sue,

      Interesting comment from the Animas rep. I woder whether there are any differences between states… I’ll give my council a call to see what they say.



  7. Susan says:

    I’ve never had a problem with these sets sticking. At one time the sets used to make me itch, but I think Unomedical changed the adhesive. I’ve also never had any issues with precision of insertion. I had many more problems with the Medtronic version of this set.

    The plastic is a spring – so I don’t understand your issue with this. It forms a spring when you pull back on the plastic. It is obviously not a metal spring – but technically it is one. I’ve never had any huge issues with it being painful either.

    I’ve used the Insets for almost 4 years now and love them.

  8. Kirsten says:

    Henry, thanks for your reviews of the different sets and reservoirs you can use with a Paradigm – based on your reviews I got some of these sets and the universal reservoirs. My main reason for getting them was so I had some spare sets at work and in my bag, rather than fork out for an extra Quickserter. I tried one of these out this week and found insertion absolutely painless, but like you found the connector thingy a bit more awkward than the Quickset. But I’m happy to have these so that I’ve always got spare sets with me anywhere I go.

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