Review: Cleo 90 infusion set

Cleo_2-225x225Continuing with the evaluation of a number of infusion sets I have tested the Cleo 90. I’ve used a couple of these sets, manufactured by Smith Medical and distributed as part of the Cozmore brand.

This infusion set is very different to most of the other I’ve tried or seen. I’m not even sure it can be define as manual or automatic insertion. The best I can do is to say that it is a semi-automatic insertion, luer lock infusion set.

The Good

The connector in you is very small, and held by a circle of transparent plastic instead of fabric adhesive. This makes it very discreet, specially for people who want to expose a bit more flesh (just in time for the northern summer eh?).

The other big advantage of the Cleos is in the way it disconnects. It’s an 8 way connector, which means that regardless of the way in which is inserted, the line can be made to point to any direction. This is probably useful if you, like me, place the pump in different places depending in what you are wearing.

The Bad

There are a few things about this set that I’m not too convince about. The first one is the way it is inserted. While one of the insertions did not hurt at all, one of them was very uncomfortable. Because the needle is hidden in the inserter, there is no way to see when the pinch is about to happen.

The second thing that is a bit tricky is the way the set is adhered to the body. There is a transparent circle on the outside and then a small round connector in the middle. These two pieces are glued to each other on insertion and fill a bit odd.

The first time I used one of these sets, the adhesive was very worn. While it was still very solidly in place, it did look like it was about to fall.


I personally didn’t like this set, although I know others that swear by them. I personally think that this sets are so different to anything else out there that it becomes a matter of love or hate.



8 Responses to Review: Cleo 90 infusion set

  1. Denise Clark says:

    Hi, Have you tried the Orbit sets yet? I have used the Cleos for over 6 months now and often have difficulties with them sticking to my skin. It is very annoying when the whole things comes off due to not sticking and you have to insert another one and go through the pain again. I have seen the Orbit ones on their website and they claim to stick no matter what!!! Am just trying to find someone who has tried one. Thanks.

    • Henry says:

      Hi Denise,

      I haven’t used the Orbits but sound like worth trying. I may order a box (assuming they are available here in Australia) and see how they go.


  2. Dave Guyer says:

    I’ve never used anything but Cleos. I love the fact that the plastic container is a built in sharps container. Put the lid back on and toss it in the nearest trash can. I do.

    Always use IV preps to help ensure good sticking. On the bad side, I get the occasional box where the tape is not sticky. Very frustrating.

    I’ll be interested in following your audit as I’ll likely switch to something else when I switch from my Cozmo.

  3. Allen Prunty says:

    Chances are it won’t be around in two years anyhow since Smiths is exiting the pump business.

  4. Caraline McLeod says:

    Thanks for these evaluations Dan. I am enjoying reading them. I’ve been using the Cleos for 6 months (since diagnosis) but have recently abandoned them because I could not consistently get them to stick. I agree with your observation that not all applications are painless either. This is a shame because I think that if the Cleos stick properly, then they are a really nice set.

    I too look forward to hearing your evaluation of the Orbit sets, if/when you get to review them.

  5. Caraline McLeod says:

    My understanding is that even though Smiths have abandoned the Cozmo pump, they will still be manufacturing the Cleos. At least that is what was in the blurb I received.

  6. sharon says:

    I use the cleo and hate it I normally have to stick two or more times when I get a bad box. Frustration!!

  7. Dave Guyer says:

    Sharon, I received a recommendation that seems to work for those bad boxes. Take a sharp knife and lift one edge of the tape from the plastic ring that supports the tape. Doesn’t seem to matter if you also lift the paper. I do this every time now and haven’t had a sticking problem since. Sure wish I could give credit to the person that recommended it, but I don’t remember.

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