Meeting other people with Diabetes

Anglers Tavern nightLast Friday I spent a few hours at the Anglers Tavern with some of my friends with D.  We had dinner and shared some pretty good conversations about a bunch of D and non-D related matters. As I was driving back from the event I was thinking how lucky I am for being able to meet other people who know what I’m going through.

Here in Melbourne, Australia we have a group of people who participate in the Reality Check forums and meet up every three months or so. The group changes every time with some new people and also some familiar faces. These events draw together some experienced people and also some newbies.

Our experience im this area seem to be pretty rare. even other attempts to organize events like this in other parts of Australia seem to have much more troble in getting this meets to happen. The only other events of this class I know are Kerri Sparling in the US with the Fairfield Ladies, and the Tudiabetes meet-ups

If you are reading this and feeling “yes, I wish there were one of these around here”, then this is  your call to take action. Organizing or attending a catch up is a great to meet other people with Diabetes in an informal environment. Here are some tips on how to start:

  • Start by getting some interest. Post a message in one of the Diabetes communities.
  • Try to get a feeling of how many people are interested, so you can pick the right venue.
  • Make a decision, and set a date and a place for the catch-up. (keep in mind that consensus dosn;t always work here)
  • Pick something central to your area, easily accessible and/or with pblic transport (if this makes sense in your area)
  • Post your fnal details, so people can confirm and attend.

Making one of this events happen requires some effort, but for those who attend, they can be a window to a whole new world, a world were we are understood and were there is real people who share some of the same challenges we do. Thanks to all of you who take the time and put the effort to organize these events.



2 Responses to Meeting other people with Diabetes

  1. I agree – meeting others who live the struggles that we do really brings a sense of connection. It’s amazing really!

    We’ve got a section of the forums set up just for facilitating meet-ups.

  2. chrisitna says:

    i am try my best to live with the sickness but it is gettin harder everyday now so some times i forget to take my meds and sometimes i forget to eat. I thard to eat right at times

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