Review: Medtronic Minimed Quickset infusion set

quickserterA few weeks ago I conducted an evaluation of various infusion sites sets for my Minimed Paradigm. After writing about the Thinset reservoirs, the Inset II and the Cleo 90, I thought it would only be fair to write a formal review of the Minimed Quicksets. These are one of the standard  sets made for the Paradigm, but is also available with a luer lock connection for other pumps.


The Quickset is a high quality set, well built, and very reliable. The adhesive is the best of all the sets I’ve tried, and in my case has resisted water, sweat and serious abuse for well over 3 days.

The other good thing is the inserter. It uses a high precision spring loaded mechanism. It goes in quickly and without any pain. Having a reusable inserter also means less waste, and less impact to the environment.


The downside of having a reusable inserter is that you need one wherever you are changing your set. This can be challenging for emergency kits and backup supplies. Inserters are not cheap, and at $60 each, I won’t be buying one for each of my backup kits  anytime soon.

The other slight disadvantage is size. The Quickset adhesive is slightly bigger than the other sets, and is white, so it’s bit more visible.


Overall, this is probably the best set I’ve used so far, so I will probably keep using it on my pump. I will, however, keep a couple of the other sets in my backup kits, one in the car and one in the office.



3 Responses to Review: Medtronic Minimed Quickset infusion set

  1. JC says:

    Actually you do not need the inserter.

    Take the “blue” needle guard and put it between your middle and ring finger so the adhesive is facing away from your palm and basically smack your hand to the place you want the site to be. Might be harder if you are not using your stomache like I do. (I find it is easier if you have this towrd the finger tips more than the palm.

    I have done this in a pinch a few times. When I used minimed pump. I changed to Cozmore and now they are leaving the business.

  2. kathy says:

    The quickserter is convenient but not necessary. They only cost $25 directly from Mini-med last month when i bought a new one. Don’t know who told you $60. Even with the recall- I will take my quicksets any day of the week.

  3. Tired says:

    Have any of you experienced problems with the quick-sets getting stuck to the inserter (inside the inserter). Then having to throw them out, get a new one, and stick yet another hole in yourself? About twenty percent of the time I have to throw away the quick-set because it gets stuck to the inserter (costs me $$$). Is there some trick to getting the thing to work correctly? I am growing tired of spending money and having to stick myself multiple times. I may have to start using my hand as described above (but not just in emergencies – ALWAYS).



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