Accu-chek serious market comeback

avivacombo_spirit_mFor at least a number of years, Roche Diagnostics, through their Accu-Chek brand has been providing people with Diabetes with products on the Insulin Pump and Glucose Monitor markets. While this products have been heavily marketed, many people think they were not exactly leaders in the field.

Here in Australia, Medtronic and Animas are the two most prescribed brands of pumps, and many health processionals recommend people don’t choose the Spirit, which is the current generation of Acchu-Chek insulin pumps.

Now everything may be about to change, with the release of the Accu-Chek Combo System. Initially available in the UK, this combo of pump and glucose meter has the potential of making Roche a serious player in the market of Insulin Pumps.

The Pump has a number of characteristics often found only in pumps made by the bigger pump players. This first notable feature is the connectivity between the meter and the pump. By using Bluetooth technology, the meter has the capability of acting as a remote control for the insulin pump. More importantly, the communication is interactive and two-way, which means that “information flows between blood glucose meter and insulin pump automatically or on command, as appropriate”.

avivacombo_face_mmol_mThe other feature that was visibly missing on the previous Accu-Chek pumps was a bolus wizard. This new system, however, comes with a new feature called bolus adviser. While I have not yet seen how it actually works It sounds very positive. The pump also saves all the data about blood glucose, food, boluses, etc, serving as an electronic diary to keep all the information in one device.

Now, of course, the big question is whether the pump is as look as it goods, or even whether its going to be enough to bring Accu-Chek pumps back from the dead. Personally, I will have to hold my judgement until I get to see one in the flesh, which is likely to take a while considering this pump is still only available in Europe.



5 Responses to Accu-chek serious market comeback

  1. Nic says:

    Like you, I’m super excited about the arrival of this pump… apparently it’s going to come to NZ around October so I imagine Australia will get it at a similar time? I have been trying to google it over the last couple of months to see if I can find any real user reviews from those in Europe who’ve got one but so far have failed to find any – please let me know if you do.


  2. Emily says:

    Accu Chek is one of the top brands for blood glucose monitors. It is easy to use and gives accurate results quickly. It is one of the most highly recommended brands out there, which I happen to agree with!

  3. Our luck (in the US) we won’t see it for another year or two. Thanks for letting us know. If you get access to a user manual please let me kow.

  4. cammers says:

    At least you lot in the US get pumps paid for by your insurance – we don’t get a lick of funding here in NZ – have to pay for the pump, consumables, the lot. (Violins please).

    There has been a site put up in the UK on the Accu chek combo –


  5. Martin says:

    I have been using the combo pump/meter for the last couple of months and can say that it is FANTASTIC!!!!

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