Is this the end of Diabetes Australia?

DART LogoDiabetes Australia is a national non for profit organization that deals with all types of Diabetes. You could think of it as the equivalent (although unrelated) to the American Diabetes Association here in Australia. More importantly for people with D, this organisation is in charge of administering the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) that provides subsidized testing strips and other consumables.

Like many of its international counterparts, Diabetes Australia is organized in chapters or member organizations, usually one per every state. An interesting tension has always existed amongst different member organizations over issues such as branding and spending priorities. It seems now the issue has become too big and half the state branches have now split.

Accoording to a report published in the Brisbane Times, “the national organisation has been plunged into disarray with a walkout by the NSW, South Australia and Northern Territory branches and the resignation of the national president, Gary Deed, and the chief executive, Matt O’Brien, in recent days.”

The three organisations have said that “they would welcome the establishment of a new body to replace the national organisation.”

So, is this the end of Diabetes Australia? How will Australians with D be able to maintain access to the NDSS which provides $750million of funding over the next 3 years? How will the lack of a national representing body affect the care and advocacy of Diabetes in Australia?


One Response to Is this the end of Diabetes Australia?

  1. Alan Shanley says:

    Hello Henry

    An American friend told me about your blog today. Greetings from another Aussie diabetes blogger. I’m type 2, not type 1. You’ll find the blog at

    I was totally unaware of the changes occurring at Diabetes Australia, thanks for alerting us to that. I will have to look deeper into it.

    I have always been bemused by the different systems in each State when I travel, especially the limited number of NDSS-approved chemists in Victoria. Maybe, when the dust settles, we may have a better, more uniformly-applied system across the country.

    I have not stayed aware of DA for some time; they lost me when they continued to promote the out-dated high-carb low-fat advice for type 2s. Unfortunately that is unlikely to change.

    The possibility of the NDSS being controlled by Medicare bureaucrats rather than people with a first hand knowledge of diabetes is a much bigger concern. I am well aware of the actual cost of test strips and other supplies to people in the USA and of the restriction on those supplies for type 2s in the UK NHS. We do not want to head in either of those directions.

    Off to do some more reading on the issue. Thanks again for the heads-up.

    Cheers, Alan

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