The end of insulin injections

NanotechMany people with chronic conditions successfully manage them with pills. This, however, is not the case for those of us living with Type 1 diabetes.

When first diagnosed I remember being told that the main issue with insulin is that it was a protein, and that as a consequence, it would be digested if taken in oral form. While there has been a number of attempts at alternative methods of delivery, we are still ultimately stuck with shots (or variations like a pump).

This may now be about to change. A group of scientists have combined nanotechnology and magnetism to create a delivery system that is simple, but extremely durable and accurate.

According to an article published in Diabetes Health, “The Boston researchers’ solution is a small implantable device, less than a half inch in diameter, that is placed in a patient’s body. The device contains a drug-filled membrane that is also embedded with nanoparticles of magnetite, a naturally magnetic mineral. The nanoparticles are about 1/100,000th the width of a human hair.”

“The amount of the drug that a patient receives can be controlled by how long the magnetic field is applied. Longer pulses produce higher doses. Theoretically, diabetes patients using such a system would be able to self-administer insulin simply by passing a magnetic field near their implanted drug delivery devices for a set amount of time.”



4 Responses to The end of insulin injections

  1. Jaimie says:

    so wild…I use nanotechnology vitamins 🙂 I did feel a difference than the others I was taking…I think the absorption is better….

    I wonder how far out we are in getting to try this device…

  2. Tom Beatson says:

    What about accidental exposure to a magnetic field, particularly for a significant duration of time?

  3. Dave Neilson says:

    That is good news, even if it takes years to actually make it to market, after decades of injections (from the perspective of the disease itself) diabetics may (finally) have a viable alternative to injections. I was shocked by the comparison of MDI vs. Pump (having gone on to a pump in the last 3 months).

  4. Nobamagirl says:

    And all the better for the govt. to track us with.

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