Insulin Pump Expo 2009

pump-expoThis week I had the opportunity to attend the Insulin Pump Expo 2009. This event is organized by The local chapter of Diabetes Australia, and brings together the diabetes community interested in Insulin Pumps. There were two presentaton tracks on the day, one for prospective pumpers and an advanced one for those of us who have been pumping for a while.

In the introductory session they introduce the basic concepts of pumping, with the objective of helping people decide whether they may be interested in an insulin pump. There is also presentations by most pump manufacturers and it’s an interesting to see them competing with each other for patients attention.

I’m already on a pump and pretty much locked to it for the next 3 1/2 years, so for me, the advanced session was where the real value was. Cheryl Steele from the Diabetes Department at Western Health, presented a very comprehensive presentation on bolus options, handling tricky food and continuous glucose monitoring.

Particularly interesting for m was the section on takeaway foods. I’ve always had issues with some foods and had assumed that there was not much you could do… Naughty eating gets naughty BGLs….  It turns out that what I’ve been doing wrong is using the wrong type of bolus.  I’ve been using normal bolus for everything while in reallity the fat content of the foods slows down the absortion rate.

Some of the recommendations were quite impresive… for a Big Mac, for example… 50% of the insulin immedicately and 50% over 3 or 4 hours… Pizza, 30-40% now and the rest over 6-7 hours. We were also told to include part of the fat content in the carb count as the liver will eventually turn it into glucose.

Overall was a great night and look forward to see whether I can used what I learned to get better control.



One Response to Insulin Pump Expo 2009

  1. Sooz says:

    For sure: “Naughty eating gets naughty BGLs”, but you can minimise that with exactly what you describe.

    We’ve been having a discussion about combo boluses for EVERY meal, over at TuDiabetes ( Almost everyone is reporting an improvement of after-meal spikes. My feeling is that combos should be used much more than they are and should be taught as standard, not advanced pumping.

    I always bolus for fat and protein – I have to! Doing it in a combo bolus, makes way more sense for me.

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