My diabetes travel supplies

Yesterday I was packing my diabetes supplies for an upcoming international trip, and though it may be useful to share some insights about what I’m packing. This is my first big trip since I’m on the pump, and must admit that my first impression is that there us a lot more “stuff” I need to carry with me compared with my last trip on injections. My kit looks like this:

Here is the list of what I’m bringing with me:

  • 2 boxes of Paradigm Quicksets (20 sets total)
  • 2 boxes of Paradigm reservoirs (20 in total)
  • 4 boxes of test strips for my Freestyle Lite(400 strips total)
  • Spare Medtronic pump
  • Portable sharps container
  • 3 vials of NovoRapid/Novolog (10ml each)
  • A few lancets
  • 5 syringes (in case things o wrong)
  • 3 AAA bateries + coin (for the pump)
  • Spare Freestyle Lite
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Ketone strips
  • Quickserter
  • Frio bag (to keep the insulin

Overall, my diabetes supplies will take about half of the space on my carry-on, and believe me, I want this stuff with me at all times. The last thing I want is for my diabetes supplies to be lost in one of the many connections I need to take,  so puting it in checked luggage is not going to be an option.

It’s probably also worth mentioning (you probably noticed in the list above) that I’m taking a second insulin pump with me. Medtronic has a program where you can get a spare pump when you are traveling. It’s probably not necesary if your destination is in a country where Medtronic has a significant presence. However if your trip includes more obscure places I highly recommend you consider borrowing a backup. My backup pump is Medtronic 515, a bit older than my current Medtronic 522, but considering is just a backup, it should be more than adequate. Kudos to Medtronic for puting this program in in place here in Australia.



3 Responses to My diabetes travel supplies

  1. JeffC says:

    On my recent trip I had more, but I’m new to pumping and so over did it a little. I’d add to this kit, alcohol based hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs and/or iv prep because places that aren’t your home can have a lot of bacteria your body might not be as comfortable with.

    I also carry three meters with me when I travel. Once when I was in China I lost my meter on the first day, then I only had one meter for the rest of the trip… made me paranoid and uncomfortable. So now, having a backup for the backup is an extra comfort factor that I prefer.

    Coins are easy to come by… but my medic-alert necklet is shaped just right to open the battery compartment and it’s always around my neck.

    How long is your trip?

  2. FatCatAnna says:

    You are smart bringing a spare BGM! I only have one – but I really have to get another one – for the “what if” days – because with our BGM we are royally you know what! I NEVER put my medical supplies in my luggage underneath. I actually travel with a carry on – and a bag that slips over the handles – to hold my medical gear/make up (something you don’t have to pack – lucky bugger). I have gone away for a month with just this amount of luggage – as I hate waiting for my stuff to spit out from the airplane (and arrive banged up).
    My vacation loaner pump has ended up being my new pump now – aka Salvador Dali – since Antonio Banderas my previous pump – I discovered gunky stuff inside the battery compartment during my holidays a few weeks ago. I cleaned out the battery compartment, and kept on using Antonio, but once I got back home to Montreal, called up Animas, and they said “keep the loaner, it’s yours, send the other one back”. So, I now have a unscratched, lime green pump.
    Happy travels – and you’ll probably meet other pumpers like I always do (tho’ not many Animas, mainly Medtronic) – so incase of desperation – they maybe able to loan you whatever you forgot (tho’ I think you’re pretty well covered judging by your snap shot above).

  3. Nadine says:

    I remember reading last year that you can carry a “medical necessities” bag of supplies with you, in addition to your carry-on bag. Good to know if you are running out of packing space!

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