New “Old” infusion set for Medtronic

Geoffrey Steinman, a user from TuDiabetes has recently mentioned in the Minimed group that he had the opportunity to try a new infusion set for the Minimed Paradigm, the Paradigm Mio. As a Paradigm 522 user myself, I’ve been battling with a number of set malfunctions from my favorite set, the Quickset. I was therefore, quite intereted in looking into thi new alternative.

Unfortunately, as soon as I saw the pictures published by Geoffrey, I discovered there is really nothing new in the Mio. When you compate this pictures of the Mio

With the pictures of the Unomedical Inset II

I must admit that these two sets look identical. I can only speculate and say that they are probably being made by the same manufacturer.  If this two sets are really identical, then the only benefit of the new set would be the Paradigm connector, which would make use of the Thinset reservoir unnecessary.

Now the big question is what impact will this have on the market. Will it kill the Thinset and ultimately reinforce the monopoly of Minimed in Paradigm consumables ? Only time will tell.



2 Responses to New “Old” infusion set for Medtronic

  1. Anthony Caldarella says:

    Tried the Moi infusion set for the first time yesterday. The plus to this I find is that the insertion mechanism is used one time only and is an all in one piece. This solves a problem that I had with my old infusion set “Quick Set Paradigm” which the insertion tool didn’t insert the set easily after a few 100 times of use. I thank Medtronic for this product and hope they make zillions of dollars because they changed my life for the better unlike miserable people that just complain all day and do nothing. But maybe their blood sugars are low

  2. Anthony Caldarella says:

    Been using the Medtronic continuous glucose moniter for about 2 months now. Do not enjoy inserting the sensor, but my blood sugars are so much more controlled then they have been in my 38 years as a diabetic. I see every spike in my levels that were unnoticed in the past and can correct them quickly. Last A1C was 7.2 prior to sensor. Will be going for blood work in a week or two and will post results. Thanks Medtronic for helping me control my disease.

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