The guy is looking for help

As many of you may have noticed by now, I haven’t been publishing much here recently. That is not because I’m suddenly no longer interested or because I’m no longer facing the same challenges that every type 1 faces for life.

The reality is life goes on whether we have diabetes or not and for me, it’s becoming quite a busy life (sometimes busier than I would like). The reality is I don’t have as much time to blog as I used to (or even to read blogs for that matter). My professional career seems to take most of my time and the frequent travel seems to take whatever is left.

I’ve decided that if this space will be of any use to the diabetic community, it has to gain a life of it’s own and not depend only on me. Is for this reason than I’m happy to announce that I’m looking for people who would like to make this space the vibrant space that I always hoped it would be.

I’m open to all kinds of suggestions, from guest blogging, to publishing of pre-existing material, and everything in between. If you have an idea, drop me a note and lets have a chat about the posibilities.

Look forward to hearing your ideas,

The Guy.-



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